Android Apps: 30 Best Free and New Android Applications You need to have in your mobile phones


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Years back when google launched the Android, it was almost difficult to imagine the numerous app we would have today. Now it’s easier for you to search for anything you need without surfing through the google play store. Presently, there are variety of apps available for everything you need to do on your phone and many of them are completely free, meaning you’re just a few steps away from upgrading your smartphone at no extra cost.
Despite the numerous apps available today, finding the good ones can be challenging, so I make available various tools and techniques to help you surf easily.
By going through the user’s overview, app categories and types helps guides you into downloading your choice app rather than a bunch of junk on your device.
With all the numerous apps on Google Play, it’s most likely that the low-rated app gets up more leavings the top ones out.
So, to ensure you don’t download a whole lot of apps which you won’t need, here I select list of apps you should install on your device. Each of these app is easy to use, fun-filled and useful to your social and daily activities.
I have grouped all the apps into types and categories, based on their functions, making it easy for you to spot what you want in an app. Also, ensure to look out every few weeks for updates on new apps which are listed in this book.


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